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There is the rumour out there that you can make thousands of dollars just by clicking on one button. That is nicely said. “I click on one button and I am a millionaire”. You know that much more has to be done than just clicking on a button to make a lot of money.

First of all you need to have an autoresponder. Then you need to create a website that is attracting and interesting. In addition you need to generate traffic and make visitors to sign up. Having them signed up you need to increase the trust and value you gained through your ads and website content. As soon as your followers accept you as someone who can bring them forward and improve their lifestyle; you have the opportunity to support your followers even more by offering them great products that have a lot of value. Always have in mind that each single email address is a person that has a specific opinion and impression of you. Do not upset one of your followers. Each email address I have in my hands has a lot of value. For me these are not just address but people that have a goal and a desire. I really want to support each one of them. Therefore, whenever you are writing a copy for your follower, always imagine the person you are writing to is sitting next to you. Imagine this person is very close to you and you just want the very best for him or her. Express what you want to reach with the email you are sending out.

Do not forget that each person has the ability to sign out of your list. This is fatal. You do not want that people sign out of your list. You worked too hard for that but et me tell you that is happens; and it is absolutely normal. So do not freak out if people sign out but question it. Go through the last emails and have a look why people signed out after you sent a specific mail. Maybe there is something that is unusual or does not fit to your whole style.

Lets say you have a large email list and you want to start to make some money out of it. You should because you invested a lot of money to get to such a large email list. There are a couple of ways to use your list to generate some money. One of the most common ways is to promote products of other people and company. If you do that you become an affiliate. Have in mind what I told you before. When you promote a product please make sure that the product is a very good one.

For instance, when you go to clickbank.com you can select the products that are selling the most and that have a very good rating. So always go for products that convert. Do not just look at the affiliate commission and the price of the product that you are going to promote but always have a look at the conversions. If it converts pretty well than you can confident that the product is a good one.

When you become an affiliate you should not mass mail your followers with products. Mass mailing your tribe with many different products will become annoying for them and sooner or later they will realize that you do not want to support them anymore but make money with them. That is not the right way and if you do that you will have many followers signing out for sure. Recommend a product when you believe it is a good time and you have the feeling your tribe is looking for something new.

Promoting affiliate products has advantageous and disadvantageous as well. The advantageous are that you do not have to create a product by yourself. You do not have to invest a lot of time to make everything perfect and you do not have to take care of the follow ups and everything that has to do with it. The only thing that you have to take care of is the copy that you are going to send to your email list; that the copy is very convincing and that the link to the affiliate product or sales page is working fine. That does not seem to be hard or a lot of work. Most of the times people that are offering their affiliate product have already a copy for you ready to be used. So you could just copy it, insert it and send it out. Anyhow, I would not do that because ready to use copies do not have the same writing style and expressions that you normally use.

Due to that fact, you should write your own copy promoting the product, so your tribe knows you have seen and tested the product by yourself.

There is one disadvantage promoting an affiliate product you should always be aware of. You do not have any control of it. The owner of the product can decide when to pull the offer off or when to change domain name of the sales page. The owner of the product can change everything from one second to another.

Out of experience I can tell you that many weird things already happened to people who were promoting affiliate products. For example, the affiliate sent out a copy to his list and many people entered the sales page of the promoted product. On top of the sales page was a header saying “ if you become an affiliate of this product you can buy it for half of the price and you earn commission as well. The first real affiliate of the product was screwed because each person that was interested in the product and bought it became an affiliate of the product first as well and then bought it. So most of the people crossed over the person who brought the attention of the product to them. Logically each person wanted to save some bucks and became an affiliate. That was an unfair move of the owner of the product. The owner of the product did not mention that before the final sales page appeared.

When someone is doing that he or she loses credibility and word of mouth will make sure that other people will get to know of this unfair move. The owner of the product knew that giving people who are not sure to the buy the product the opportunity to become an affiliate by themselves and save a bunch of money is another trigger to make great sales; but on the other hand he did not realize that it is a move not expected by the first / real affiliates who were hoping to benefit by promoting this product

This happens a couple of times and some affiliates do not have a solution for this move of the products owner. Well, I have to say that I found a great way to make people buy through your unique link although they could get the promoted product much cheaper if they become an affiliate by themselves. If you are curious let me know and I will tell you in which section I am revealing it.

Here is another related story for you. I have been attending a live Youtube streaming webinar. There have been two moderators. One was located at the east side and the other person was at the west side of the U.S. They were using Skype to communicate. (That was not a good idea) At the end of the webinar they were giving away two products for a one special price. Each person created a product and they put it together so their users would have a great compelling tool to work with. The only problem that they experienced at the end when they urged their viewers to take action now was that the sales page was down. The viewers could not buy any product because of the guys did not make sure that the sales pages was working correctly. That must have been very frustrating and embarrassing. They did so much to convince the viewers to buy their product, they used so many analysis and created a lot of tension but at the end it was more or less useless. Everything happened because one person did not make sure that everything was working fine. So I want to emphasize when you are an affiliate or work with someone else together make sure that everything is working fine and that no issues arise. Before you make great offers on a live webinar or even on your own website, be certain that your funnels are working and nothing is going to disconnect the buying process.

Let me know if you already have been an affiliate. Tell me your stories and experiences you made.

Short Note: Even with a very small email list you can reach amazing results. If you know your email list well and you know exactly what your avatar is looking for; you can create perfect products for him or her. Knowing what your avatar wants to have is the key to make sales. Your avatar will love you for offering the right tools to make bigger steps forward. Don’t believe that you need to have a huge list to become successful. You already can start with a very small list and reach big goals.

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