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OMG!, your beloved knight was fallen back to the duengeon where you were kidnapped (it is closely be the happy ending once he just saved you but it isn’t). Alright girl, no time for crying, let’s get back to the dungeon and fight the troops of evil using the magic blocks in the puzzle battle style! Fight head-to-head against another player online to be the strongest female knight in the history!

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Let’s save the knight who just saved you in Dungeon Block: Girl Rescues Knight! from Gameday Inc, It’s the game that tells the story of the nearly end legend which the knight already saved the princess from the evil demon and they try to escape from the evil dungeon. Unfortunately, the knight fell back into the dungeon while the princess is the only escaper. So she decides to go back into the dungeon without fear, her goal is only to save the beloved knight.

Dungeon Block: Girl Rescues Knight! shows the brilliant designed for a battle puzzle game, it uses the basic rule of rock,paper,scissor forming in to the magic blocks. In order to make some score, the player must drag a connection between one block that can beat against the other block (For example, Draging a rock block to a scissor then go to paper). You can make some devastative combo by connecting a long line as far as possible.

Alright, after learning the basic rule of the game. It’s time to fight the real battle, the game offers 3 game modes (Dungeon mode, Survival and Speed mode) but I will focus mainly on the dungeon mode, the princess will keep running down the dungeon and there are the dangerous monsters along the way. Fight them and make a chain combo to unleach the powerful attack which you could kill the enemy in a single blow! After killing the monster, you will find gold and experience point like in the RPG game. Once the character level up, you will obtain the bonus point to upgrade the character status (attack,hp or evasion).

The gold point can be use in the shop to upgrade your character skills. Your character will cast the skill when you can make a chain of rock-scissor-papaer in a number of 4 or much more chain. To upgrade the skill it will increase the damage done to the enemy. It sounds cool but beware, the enemy can also cast the skill as well. Try to beat all monsters to the last floor of the dungeon to save the beloved knight and unlock him as the second character!

In conclusion, Dungeon Block: Girl Rescues Knight! is the battle puzzle game that you should have espeically it’s free! the music of the game is matched with the dungeon explorer and it will march you to ready to the battle. The graphic is represented in the cartoon style, it looks well. What is the important thing in this game is the puzzle gameplay using rock-paper-scissor as the base rule. It’s really easy to understand, the player will be able to make a combo easily, with the game center connected the player can battle head-to-head against another player online, obtaining the score and climb up to be the top rank. It’s a good puzzle game that you cannot be missed.

I would like to rate this game as 4/5 STARS (COOL! TRY IT!)

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