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MapQuest is a leading map service provider that offers wireless, internet and business mapping applications worldwide. MapQuest is a trusted brand known for providing maps and directions over the internet. The services offered by MapQuest are actually provided by AOL. In other words, MapQuest is owned by AOL and it was established in Chicago in 1967 but later on in 1969 it was shifted to Pennsylvania. Earlier MapQuest was working as an independent company but in 2000 AOL acquired MapQuest but the website is running with the name of MapQuest only.
Donnelley the creator of MapQuest started designing maps on computers in year 1980 based on the customer’s requirements and the code that was used by Donnelley to generate maps on computers was used to develop MapQuest website. In 1996 Donnelley implemented this code and started a web service, whereby, the customers could directly fetch the map from the MapQuest website. Earlier, the company was operating with a different name but later on in 1999 it was changed to MapQuest in order to increase the popularity of its service and brand. MapQuest also decided to provide satellite images to customers but later on dropped this service. The reason for dropping this functionality was not declared officially.
With success of its service, MapQuest launched a new service in 2004, named MapQuest Find Me. This service was meant for mobile users who could find their location using the GPRS technology of mobile phone. MapQuest Find Me gives detailed information to the user like user location, maps and location of nearby areas of interest like hotels, banks, airports, restaurants, ATMs and other important areas. Along with location facility, user could set an alarm so that whenever he or she leaves or arrives at a particular area, the alarm triggers informing the user about the arrival of location for which the alarm was set.
In 2006 MapQuest decided to re-provide satellite images to its customers. This was added as a new feature in their beta program, whereby, users could now build their own route, reorder any particular route and even avoid any wrong turn or “road en route”.
MapQuest also offers advertising services to promote one’s brand. Whatever your need be, MapQuest will work with you to provide you with best services to promote your brand and showcase your company in the best possible way. It also allows for mobile advertising where you can promote your product on mobile with their pre defined Ad sizes. In United States, the number of mobile users has reached to 220 million. With the help of MapQuest you can showcase your product to millions of users.
MapQuest applications are used in both computers and mobile devices that have enabled it to become a leading provider in mapping service. It has helped thousands of brands to enrich their business applications by using the mapping services provided by MapQuest. As a result of which, MapQuest for mobile is among the top 10 mobile website. Also, it has its customers in key areas like real estate, healthcare, financial services, retail, asset tracking, local search, travel amp; hospitality, insurance and many other fields.

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