More Nexus One Subsidization Speculation

How Much Will You Spend On Me???

The question of whether or not the Nexus One will be subsidized by Google, T-Mobile, or not at all is no new story to those who have kept close to the flood of information flowing through the series of tubes recently.

Today at work, ( I work at a cafe) a customer who works for a nearby company said that he was playing around with ‘the Google Phone’ yesterday. Given his position, and the company he works for, I had no doubts with what he was saying. He has a friend that works for Google, and he informed him on how the handset would be subsidized. Of course, he ‘couldn’t tell me.’ Much like his friend “shouldn’t have told him.” However, he did say the phone would be subsidized in an, “interesting way.” and “It could be bad for wireless companies.” He also went on to say, “It’s the first real challenge to the iPhone.” I was surprised to hear him say this, as I’ve never seen the thing out of his hand. This leads me to believe that T-mobile will have no part in subsidizing the Nexus One.

If Google subsidize their phone, how badly would this affect wireless carriers? T-mobile will still undoubtedly reap benefits of it; the Nexus One has support for T-mobile’s 3G band, so one would want to be with them to get the most out of the phone. Being the smallest of the four major wireless networks in the USA, T-mobile could use as many new customers as it can get. Also, with its new No-Contract plans, Nexus One could prove to be a huge win for T-mobile. AT&T users will have to settle with edge, that AT&T thinks so highly of if the device is sold unlocked.

There are also possibilities that T-Mobile could have the device as well, but maybe under another name, like the Passion. If this were the case, than I would not be surprised if the Nexus One differs from the Passion in some areas. Google could withhold certain parts of the 2.1 software to keep only for their device, and since it is their software, they have every right to. My dream would be to see Google subsidize the handset to $200, and then T-Mobile subsidizing it to $100. Oh, that would be the day. Either way, the real, live Google Phone is coming down pipe soon, how much would you pay to get your sticky paws on one?

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