Office in a Box: Worry-Free it for Businesses

There’s much to be said about the power of the Internet when it comes to helping businesses grow. Small-and medium-scale businesses need that extra push that going online gives them, especially now in this bleak economic climate. The problem there is that setting up and maintaining IT facilities isn’t exactly simple-the hardware alone would usually be out of reach for small businesses. Add in the cost of hiring someone with the knowledge and expertise to run and maintain said hardware, and the cost soon becomes unbearable for most entrepreneurs. That’s what Infocom is aiming to change.
Infocom, a member of the PLDT Group of Companies, and Cisco launched the Office in a Box powered by Cisco, a managed all-in-one unified communications solution.
Basically, Office in a Box gives small businesses technological solutions that are normally utilized to enterprise level businesses without the crippling cost. They can now enjoy voice-over Internet protocol (V0IP), Internet protocol-private branch exchange (IP-PBX), e-mail and web hosting and video conferencing without investing and paying for the enterprise level hardware that make such things possible.
Instead of paying for a one-time charge for the equipment, which is the norm, customers shell out a monthly fee. The bundled VoIP, high-speed connection up to 4 megabits per second IP-PBX, e-mail and web hosting services, video conferencing, firewall and antivirus monitoring. In addition, users will have at their disposal a trained IT technician to help them out 4 hours a week.
Hardware and software such as the one included in Office in a Box gives potential users multiple advantages. First, their networks are linked and secured by a trained IT professional, using enterprise level hardware. The Internet access point isn’t just consumer router; it’s an honest to goodness enterprise access point, giving out better range and is more reliable than its consumer offerings. They will also able to enjoy VoIP, which is especially useful when customers have to contact overseas clients or suppliers. Travel agencies for example, could potentially reduce the cost of overseas calls. The solution can also replace a human operator, reducing cost on manpower.
The best part is that the solution can be tailored to your business’ needs, and is able to expand as your business expands. Prices start from $ 400 for an eight-user bundle to $ 1200 for a 48-user package. Additional monthly fees are charged for IP phone services.
“Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express”,
“Realize the benefits of Cisco Unified Communication
for your Organization”,

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