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It has been demonstrated that people who document their day’s events and schedules tend to have workdays that are more efficient as well as more free time. The influx of internet-ready computers in the workplace makes task scheduling very easy, and many companies may even provide the appropriate features for their employees to take advantage of scheduling software. If not, however, there are plenty of free task scheduling software programs available on the Internet with easy, simple features. Many of these programs have similar characteristics, but each brings own advantages.

Perhaps the most popular free software is the email application from Google. Called “Gmail”, signing up for an account is completely free and can be registered to individuals or businesses. Gmail provides email but also instant messaging, calendars, memos, image hosting, a document reader, and quick links to popular sites, including searches, social networking, shopping, and news.

Another task schedule software download is called Schedule It, available for free at freedownloadscenter.com. Schedule It is shareware and thus any payment is strictly voluntary with a suggested payment of $70. The program is nearly seven years old but has required only a handful of updates due to the simplicity of the software. Schedule It offers task scheduling software designed to update by day or by task, depending on whether or not the customer needs a time-based display or a list-based display. Schedule It also offers resource-based listing tasks in case a project is linked to a budget, bank account, or other financial need, along with staff scheduling in case individual assignments are required. Schedule It advertises itself as useful for small or large projects with few or many people in sync, tallying equipment, office space, deadlines, filtering, and email lists.

If a more complex task scheduler software is required, often times a moderate payment is required. One of the oldest non-shareware applications is called Time Target. Nearly a decade old, Time Target is designed to run on nearly any Microsoft operating system, from Windows 95 and Windows 98 to Windows ME and NT. Compatibility is key in Time Target’s programming and the software can be transferred, electronically or on hard copies, from computer to computer without hassle. Time Target has an adjustable interface, so customers can configure the display color, pictures, email chains, and preferences to their own designs. Capable of setting automated restarts, Time Target can network an entire business’ deadlines and accomplishments and can run multiple lists in sequence. Even time limits and log reports are available if specifics are required for the tasks.

Some task scheduler software applications do not run on Apple computers, yet there are plenty of companies who produce software for Apple as well as Linux and Microsoft PCs. One of the most extensive of which is called HiTek, which offers task schedule software appropriately called Automize. Automize runs across practically any computer’s operating system and requires little memory space. Automize has completely graphical interface and can provide visual support for all data, running and updating thousands of tasks in sync. Promising no prior required knowledge to run the program, Automize has easy commands for tasks, has writable scripts for updates, automated email commands, and a full list of supporting websites that run standard. With all the features, Automize is noticeably more expensive than most file hosting programs; starting at $180, the premium program can cost as much as $250. Both, however, come with a thirty-day trial offer so that businesses or individuals can explore the software themselves.

When picking a task scheduling software, decide on budget and time concerns and consider how many people will require updates on the project. If a free program works better, simply choose from shareware websites; if not, be prepared to invest more money.

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