The ALT GDK provides the tools to create and deliver a high performance, stable production graphic system

ALT’s GDK Technical Support

GDK technical support includes prompt responses by engineers to most hardware and all software technical questions. InsideHelp forms and instructions make it easy to submit questions. Included in the GDK support is a regular report which summarizes new information and what documentation has been updated. This support captures graphic subsystem knowledge and documents to describe the minimum and maximum boundary conditions of the hardware and software components as technology advances.

The GDK licensing level is intended for customers want access to source code, and want to offer solutions for different ASICs and RTOSs. The kit includes full source code to the OpenGL driver, plus test plans, demo applications, performance profiling tools and much more. It allows for unlimited deployment of the binary driver in delivered products and offers full technical support for unlimited developer seats.

Who uses it?

The GDK is suitable for clients who will build multiple systems with different system configurations. Primary markets include defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, and industrial. Clients can select and evaluate different graphic ASICs, operating systems, and CPUs. The final step takes the target system configuration to production. This kit provides OpenGL production and debug libraries plus the source code required to build and integrate into the variety of target hardware systems. The GDK provides the tools to create and deliver a high performance, stable production graphic system. It can be used with many graphic hardware configuration spanning CPUs, graphic ASICs and operating systems. GDK customers can also take advantage of ALT Software’s R&D through periodic enhancements to support new features and even new ASIC variants.

Modular Design

A strong feature of ALT’s OpenGL driver architecture design is that the graphic hardware module is independent from the rest of the OpenGL driver. Any change in one module does not does not affect the other modules that comprise the OpenGL driver and surrounding APIs. Comprehensive Time-Saving Diagnostics ALT Software’s diagnostics suite is part of GDK and includes low-level graphic ASIC test suites, boot tests, run-time tests and basic profiling. The DEBUG software completes the diagnostics package and offers full profiling, performance macros and multi-tiered error handling. ALT Software has developed and ported OpenGL test applications to chart operations and system resource interactions. It also includes real-time display systems and games to “stress test” the graphics subsystem. This package coupled with the debug and production version of the OpenGL software allows quick and precise pinpointing of problems and performance bottlenecks in the application software. The OpenGL application software developer quickly understands what OpenGL API calls to use to extract maximum performance and stability from the entire graphics subsystem. Summary The GDK is a quality-tested, customized solution meeting the specialized requirements of a target system configuration. Our development services team is available to help in our clients’ graphic subsystem development. Please contact our sales team for more information.

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