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Having worked in the medical, health and fitness industries for almost 25 years, I have seen, heard of, tried or warned against just about everything that has come down the pike in the name of better nutrition, higher levels of fitness, peak performance builders and flat-out snake oil remedies. Never (and I almost never say never!) have I experienced something like the Zija products.

  • Athletics: My triathlete clients and friends LOVE the natural, no-crash increase in energy and alertness they get from the XM+ and XMAM capsules, as well as the flat-out strength and confidence boost from the XM3. Being true to the machines that their bodies are, they feed them what they need with the Prime 90 protein and find that it along with their daily dose of SuperMix or SmartMix their bodies recover even faster and more completely than before.
  • Ailing health: People very close to me suffer from a variety of inherited and learned disorders. By this I mean the types of illnesses that our once perfect bodies never initially suffered, but after years (generations) of food modifications, environmental toxins and poor phenotype habits (lifestyle) have developed and continue to progress. It is not that Zija CURES anything – it simply helps to return the body back to its proper level of nutrition so that the body itself can do its most amazing feat – HEAL ITSELF.
  • General health: After researching for myself (the penultimate skeptic) about the 100% bioavailability/absorbability of the nutrients available from Zija products with moringa oleifera and already knowing that only 3-4% of the nutrients in the standard over-the-counter variety of supplements are absorbable, I quickly discarded the multitude of bottles from my cabinets and switched to Zija.
  • Opportunity: Having been blessed with a devoted and career-driven husband who has been unfailingly supportive for nearly 25 years, I have had the opportunity to seek out whatever interested me in the various stages of my life. For most of that time, I have been self-employed and enjoyed the great flexibility and income sources that has provided. With Zija, I have seen so many people achieve that same level of success (and far, FAR greater) by trusting in the system that this company has already set in place.

Jerry Pena

Zija Independent Distributor

I have been active most of my life playing sports including running, weight lifting and cycling. During the early 1990s, I learned about eating correctly and what it takes to get or meet your goals. Then life happens and you start to slack here and there and before you know it, all that you’ve accomplished has vanished. I worked at a large insurance company for 14 years and then in 2002 I left to pursue my Computer Science degree which I attained in 2009. During that time my wife and I were blessed with twin boys and talking about life and our goals. I had a change of perspective and a change of body weight. My activity slowed down to almost a stop and my eating habits changed dramatically. I didn’t want to be part of the society that takes medication every day. I decided to change my lifestyle.

In 2011, I joined a gym, started exercising a little and changed my eating habits. I was getting good results. I started out at 215 lbs in November of 2011. By October of 2012, I weighed 180 lbs. Little by little I was losing weight and I felt great. During my progress I started to attend some spin classes at the gym and that’s where I met Patty Lee, she was my spin instructor and after months of taking the class she introduced me to Zija. The first product I took was the XM+ and I felt the product quickly during a spin class.

Before Zija products I would consume pre/post workout products and I did get some of the side effects that were listed on the bottle, but since I spent the money I was determined to finish the product. When I started looking more into Zija products, I noticed that they were all natural and that triggered my interest even more since our family had changed our diet to pretty much organic. After digging into this Moringa and reading the benefits of Moringa, I decided to become a distributor. Today, I enjoy sharing these products with friends, family and people I meet. I have seen great results personally. Since I started taking Zija I was able to shed another 15 lbs, so my weight is 165 lbs. I have friends and family members who have tried these products and they too have seen results. Zija products are the only supplements that I take and I feel great. It’s almost hard to explain. Contact us and just try the Zija moringa.

Shannon Montoya

Zija Independent Distributor

 I have always been active in sports, playing volleyball through college and then becoming committed to the gym and my overall fitness in my early adult years. When I had my first son, I decided to move my public relations pursuits on the backburner and devote myself to being “mom.”  I quickly found that I needed something to release my inner competitive spirit,  so I turned to triathlons and eventually instructing fitness classes. When I became a LesMills RPM® instructor in 1997,  I had found my passion. Leading others to push past their comfort, get stronger, fitter and reach their potential and fitness goals was what I loved to do. I have since added BODYPUMP® and CXWORX® to my list of certifications.Besides being a mom of two very active boys, I teach an average of 10 fitness classes each week and found it more challenging to recover between workouts as I … ahem… aged gracefully. After six months of trying various Zija products (that my crazy friend Patty Lee introduced me to) I am a walking testimony of the benefits of this all natural product. I am now able to give my body what it needs to recover between workouts, allowing me to feel refreshed and strong for every class; having an off, weak day is not an option when leading high energy classes with great, committed members. I love the energy and focus xmam provides me each morning to start my day off. My boys love it too, as it just makes me feel great and happy. XM+ is by far the best energy drink on the market, and it is GOOD for me — I LOVE THAT!  Prime 90 is top quality, low calorie and high in what my body requires – protein. Premium Tea allows my body to wind down after a rigorous, busy day and give me sound rest. How did I function before Zija? I choose to never find out!

Mario Estrada

Zija Independent Distributor

Any reason to be in the sun is good enough for me. I love running. It was and is the place of Zen for me and my wife but as we got older, there were days when our “get up and go” had “got up and went”. I was drinking three or more large coffees a day, taking vitamins that seemed to go right thru me (and in fact were) and eating/drinking “energy” bars/drinks – which were just a waste of time and money and were dangerous (if you read the fine print).Through the ever winding road of life, with its peaks and valleys, I have made many mistakes, learning from them usually the hard way – I am here by Grace alone. But along the way, I have been blessed with a few (but very good) friends. Thanks to one of these friends, I discovered Zija. Jerry introduced us to Zija in the form of its SuperMix, Smartmix, XMam and XMpm caps, as well as Prime90 and the Premium Tea. Incredible, but “would it last?” we thought. Well, over a year later we are still singing the praises and sharing our story of Zija and how it’s given us the energy and nutrition to live life and keep pace in this fast and (at times) crazy world. Our goal is to not only to show but have our friends and family experience the nutritional benefits of these products themselves so their lives can be changed for the better – and not just short term but for the rest of their lives. Thanks for sharing, Jerry!

One of the greatest gifts we can give is maintaining our health for our family and for ourselves. I didn’t always see things this way but when I became a dad, I decided that there is no one who could be responsible for me except me. Is it easy? Not always – but we have to decide for ourselves what is important and act on it. If we are fortunate to have all (or most) of our limbs, (be sure to thank a Veteran today for his/her service), can see and talk, then there is no excuse not to try to better our lives. There is someone who you will inspire if you decide to make a change for the best.

I believe it’s our nature to never quit – so long as we ignore the excuses the world offers us.

William Jordan said “Mistakes are the growing pains of wisdom.” By that measure, I should be 1000 feet tall…but I now live by what Allison Gapp Bottke said which was “Remember, if you’re heading in the wrong direction, God allows U-turns!” and Steve Maraboli who said “Learn from your history, but don’t live in it.”

Jeremy Koontz


Jeremy Koontz has spent most of his life competing in different sports. After 4 years of Division II soccer at St. Mary’s University, he went on to competitive running, excelling in distances from 5k to 50k. As a racquetball player, he worked his way up to competing on the Open/Pro level. After only a year of learning how to swim, he now aspires to be one of the first African American pro Ironman triathletes. Jeremy lives in San Antonio with his wife Sarah, where he teaches piano and composes. Zija products provide him with extended energy during and improved recovery after the grueling triathlons.


Kayla Saunders

Zija Independent Distributor

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Having been there, done that with other nutrition programs, I was highly skeptical when Patty introduced me to Zija. I was a pretty tough cookie to crack but Patty was gently persistent in her approach. And after months of conversation I finally ordered a Burn pack 2, knowing full well it couldn’t be as stinking amazing as she said it was. I was in utter shock at how quickly my body started to feel better and how quickly my body started to shed excess weight. I dropped 10 pounds in 6 weeks without adding any additional exercise and easily following a reasonable meal plan. Finally…I had found what I had been looking for.

More important to me than the weight loss is the effect Zija and Moringa Oleifera has had on my Heberden’s nodes arthritis which is a type of Osteoarthritis that affects my fingers and other joints. A nearly debilitating disorder effecting me at the young age of 50, I was very much challenged by this disease. Washing my hair in the shower was painful. Having visited numerous medical doctors, I was dissatisfied with their solutions. The Orthopedic surgeon told me to come back when I was ready to have my joints fused together. Can you just imagine that? That made me very sad as well as very determined. That was several years ago and I had been adjusting my diet to aid the arthritis symptoms. When Patty first met me, I was on a “no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no sugar, no alcohol, no processed foods, all organic” diet. While it did improve my symptoms…wow, was that hard to maintain! The anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties of Moringa Oleifera have had a remarkable impact on my symptoms. I no longer wake up with stiff fingers and back or suffer from a pulsing, tingling feeling in those areas throughout the day. My favorite gauge of my progress is when I go to my chiropractor and have him be able to move joints that previously where stubbornly unmovable. I’m very much looking forward to the continued progress. I have high hopes of resuming 5k racing this summer, having not run for about 4 years since the peak of the arthritic problems. Can you imagine how happy I will be to just run down the trail again???

So the first thing I did was share this amazing product with my 76 year old father and step-mom since their health is of the utmost importance to me. The funny thing is that each person I share Zija with, just loves it. There is no selling here on my part. I share a sample, share my experience and find I am pleasantly surprised at who is willing to Z with Me.

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