Zija FitPack San Antonio Four Day Sampler

With the  Zija FitPack four day sampler, you can experience what all the excitement is about without buying a month’s worth of product at a time.  Even though Zija International offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of its products, some people still prefer to start out slowly, and this is the solution.


The Zija FitPack includes:

  • 2 XMburn Trial Packs (4 Caps per Pack)
  • 2 XMpm Trial Packs (4 Caps per Pack)
  • 1 Tea Trial Pack (2 Daily Tea, 2 Premium Tea)
  • 4 SmartMix Packets
  • 4 XM+ Energy Mix Packets
  • 1 XMburn Pocket Guide
  • 1 XMpm Pocket Guide
  • 1 Daily Tea Pocket Guide
  • 1 Premium Tea Pocket Guide
  • 1 SmartMix Pocket Guide
  • 1 XM+ Energy Mix Pocket Guide

Over $50 retail value for only $25 

$25 Zija FitPack with FREE Shipping

call or text us (210) 913 8827

to take advantage of this special offer!

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