Zija Testimonials San Antonio Texas

Zija Testimonials from users of their moringa products

A distinguished and highly effective performance supplement

During my many years of competitive endurance sports, I have tried countless nutritional supplements looking for that special (natural) edge. Zija’s Moringa based performance products are the first I’ve used that have it all: nutrition for sustained energy, rapid recovery, and mental clarity, all of which are necessary in endurance racing, and all without strange or unwanted side-effects.

Jeremy Koontz

I cannot believe how GOOD I feel!

I’ve known Patty Lee for quite a while. She recommended I try ZIJA…to improve my “run down” low energy life. WOW….. I cannot believe how GOOD I feel!! My energy and even my sense of well being is “off the charts”!! I am even starting to lose weight! I can’t tell enough people that ZIJA really works! Thank you Patty Lee…and thank you ZIJA!!!

Mindy Gardner

Love using the Zija XMam energy

I’ve been using the Zija XMam energy pills for a little over 2 months now. I’ve noticed an incredible boost in my energy levels while taking the Zija moringa. Thanks Zija!

Shane Petty

Great results using Zija products…

Patty was my spin instructor and while taking her class she taught great form and we had discussed that I was looking for more energy and that I wanted to drop a few more pounds. One day I showed up for class and she gave me a Zija XM+ energy drink. I asked what’s this? She replied “drink it” and wow during the class I can feel it kick in and I just wanted to keep spinning. It was awesome!!! After two months of being on the product I decided to do my first duathlon. I finished third in my age group and 24th overall out of over 200 competitors. During the race I kept in mind the training tips from Patty and the products I used that day were as follows: about thirty minutes before the race I drank my XM+ and then after the race I drank my SuperMix and I felt great…so does it work? It does!!! I was on the product for a month and I liked the results I was seeing so I asked Patty about the business and me, mister skeptical had to look into this and see what this was and found that there were not many folks doing this in San Antonio so I joined Patty in this adventure and it is awesome…so I myself became a Distributor and now I’m doing the business. This really does allow me to stay home with my boys and I Love showing folks the benefits of Moringa…if you are skeptical like I was then I invite you to try the products for at least 90 days…Thanks Zija!!!

Jerry Pena

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